Wild Leap Releases Vacanza Raspberry Gose



Wild Leap Brew Co. has announced the release of Vacanza Raspberry Gose, the first release in the brewery’s newest series of sour-style craft beer. With a fresh, tart flavor profile, Vacanza Raspberry Gose is unlike anything Wild Leap has brewed to date.

Over the last two years, Wild Leap has added a number of limited-release stouts, porters and IPAs to the brewery’s lineup, but one category that’s been missing is from the sour family. This, along with Wild Leap’s panache for experimental releases, birthed the idea for the new Vacanza series.

“People have asked us to brew a sour-style beer from the day we opened,” shared co-founder and CEO, Anthony Rodriguez. “With warm weather approaching, we felt like this was the perfect time to add one to our lineup.”

So what exactly is a Gose-style Ale?

“A Gose is a tart, crisp beer that is traditionally brewed with the addition of salt and coriander,” explained head brewer, Chris Elliott. “However, as a twist to the recipe, ours is brewed solely with salt – providing the perfect body to the beer.”

To help round out the sweet, yet tart flavor profile, Vacanza is brewed with over 500 pounds of fresh raspberries per batch. This considerable amount of fruit gives Vacanza a rich pink color, evidence of its freshness. This is also one of the lighter beers Wild Leap has brewed with an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 5.5%.

With a brewing style and ABV that is designed for the warm weather approaching, it is important to point out that Wild Leap had relaxation in mind when brewing this beer. The name itself, Vacanza, is Italian for “vacation” or “holiday”, while the tongue-in-cheek quote on the back of the can describes it as “brewed for those who take leisure very, very seriously.”

Like many of Wild Leap’s beers, Vacanza Raspberry Gose is available for a short time, so supplies are limited. Stay tuned for future releases in the Vacanza series!