Wild Leap Releases Three New Beers for the Holiday Season 



Wild Leap Brew Co. continues to expand their evolving lineup of beers, with three new releases this holiday season. American Blackberry, a blackberry ale, Alpha Abstraction Volume 4, the fourth edition of the popular Double IPA series, and Solid Ground, a roasty cold brew coffee stout, are all small batch releases that hit the market late November and early December.

American Blackberry, Wild Leap’s November release, is designed to taste like a piece of homemade blackberry pie. Fermented with 1,400 pounds of blackberries, there is a distinct freshness paired with rich cinnamon. “The crisp weather and holiday spirit that surrounds this season influenced us to brew a beer that has a familiar and cozy feel,” explains Rob Goldstein, co-founder of Wild Leap. “It reminds you of the flavors of home, while helping you survive it.”

Alpha Abstraction Volume 4 is the first in the popular Double IPA series to be brewed with Denali hops. “For the Alpha series, we search for hop varieties that are fruity and juicy,” explains Head Brewer, Chris Elliott. “Denali has citrus, pineapple, and pine characteristics that work well with this beer, and the hop is high in essential oils so you can expect a bigger and bolder aroma compared to other hop varieties.”

And for those days when you want do nothing, quickly, there’s Solid Ground, a cold brew coffee stout. Solid Ground is fermented with fresh Colombian coffee brewed right in the Wild Leap brewhouse, and roasted malts. The big, toasty stout is smooth and balanced and is an ideal refreshment beside a big roaring fire on a cold winter day.

Even though all three new releases are unique in their flavor profile, they all share a short duration in the market. These are considered small batch releases and are only available for a limited time. In true Wild Leap style, they all share recognizable funky can designs with the signature buffalo illustrated as a piece of delicious blackberry pie, the light foamy texture of a coffee brew, and one of our nation’s iconic state parks.