Wild Leap Releases New Series of Smoothie Style Beer: Smoothie Supernova


Smoothie Supernova Raspberry Lemonade now available


Wild Leap is introducing Smoothie Supernova, a series full of firsts. Smoothie Supernova is Wild Leap’s first-ever taproom only release and brew designed to taste like a beer smoothie. Tart and sweet, Smoothie Supernova: Raspberry Lemonade is the first of the series and is brewed with raspberry and lemon purée. This extremely limited six-pack is available today for curbside pickup exclusively at Wild Leap.

“Brewing a beer with huge fruit additions is something we’ve always wanted to do,” says Chris Elliott, Wild Leap’s Chief Brewing Officer. “Our recent expansion allowed us the capability to offer these unique beers as a to-go options. We now have larger tanks and the ability to run the beer through our can line.”

Smoothie Supernova is a series of small batch beers blended with vast amounts of fruit purée to create rich, smoothie-like textures and flavors. Because of its unique properties and brewing process, Wild Leap’s Smoothie Supernova is stylistically in a class of its own.

Smoothie Supernova: Raspberry Lemonade presents like a carbonated smoothie. Its consistency is thick and creamy, but sippable, so no straw is necessary. During the brewing process, Elliott explains the hops are toned down to allow the fruit flavors to shine through.

“Because of the large additions of fruit added after fermentation, we’re strongly recommending that the beers are kept at refrigeration temperatures at all times and consumed within 14 days of the packaging date on the bottom of the can,” explains Elliott.

Smoothie Supernova: Raspberry Lemonade taps today at Wild Leap and is available online for curbside ordering and pickup. Due to its extremely limited shelf-life, Raspberry Lemonade will be available for a short time exclusively at Wild Leap.