Wild Leap Releases Juiciest Alpha Abstraction To Date


Wild Leap releases Alpha Vol. 12


The highly anticipated Vol. 12 in Wild Leap’s signature Alpha Abstraction Double IPA series is here. Vol. 12 features Belma hops to give it one of the most dominant citrus flavors of the Alpha series to date. Alpha Abstraction Vol. 12 hits shelves today.

“Our goal for the Alpha series was to create a beer that tastes as close to fruit juice as possible using only water, malt, hops and barley,” says Wild Leap Chief Brewing Officer, Chris Elliott. “We first experimented with Belma hops in pilot batches and the results were phenomenal. Out of those pilot batches came some of our favorite IPAs to date.”

Alpha Abstraction Vol. 12 is a juicy, double dry-hopped IPA. Brewed with Belma hops, Vol. 12 boasts a bright citrus flavor with notes of strawberry and melon.

“We’ve had previous Alpha releases that have had notes of strawberry and melon with the citrus flavor in the background,” says Wild Leap CEO and Co-Founder, Anthony Rodgriguez. “With Vol. 12, the Belma hop brings those citrus flavors to the forefront.”

Clocking in at 8%, Vol. 12 has a clean, sharp citrus flavor that fits perfectly in the Alpha series. Alpha Abstraction Vol. 12 will be available for purchase at the brewery and throughout Georgia this week!