Wild Leap Is Flying High With Release Of New IPA



Wild Leap is flying high with the release of their newest craft beer sensation, ETA IPA. The first class, transcontinental IPA is a medium-bodied, dry IPA, and is available the second week of September.

Brewed with a new hop blend, ETA IPA features a vibrant flavor profile of grapefruit, pineapple, and pine. This delicious combination provides a very smooth, yet juicy brew with an alcohol by volume of 7.5%.

“As we continue to explore new hop combinations and flavor profiles, we wanted to brew an IPA that was medium-balanced and could be enjoyed by a range of craft beer lovers,” explains Chris Elliott, Wild Leap Head Brewer. “ETA is a dryer IPA than any we have ever brewed and will fall behind both the Alpha Abstraction series and Chance IPA in sweetness.”

Elliott went on to explain that ETA is brewed with more oats than any other Wild Leap beer, providing a soft and fluffy mouthfeel.

Following in the footsteps of its predecessors, ETA IPA features fun, vibrant can artwork. The blue and green design was created with a 70’s transcontinental vibe, which transports us back to a time when traveling was an extravagant activity worthy of an extravagant beverage.

“In the ’70’s, flying was a luxurious experience,” explains Rob Goldstein, CMO and Wild Leap Co-Founder. “With that in mind, we wanted this can to represent that era and remind us all of a time when first-class passengers were taking wild leaps around the globe.”

Wild Leap creations may come and go, but ETA IPA is here to stay.