Wild Leap Launches New Beer And Fundraising Campaign In Support Of Service Industry


Wild Leap Beer in support of service industry


Wild Leap is thrilled to introduce Gratuity Light Beer, a craft beer devoted to supporting service industry workers who have been hit hard by the worldwide COVID-19 crisis. For every purchase of Gratuity, Wild Leap is donating 10% of profits to nonprofit organizations who help support the service industry through emergency financial assistance.

“In times of crisis, service industry workers often are left without benefits to fall back on. In the current climate, empty bars, taprooms, hotels and restaurants have left workers without the support from customers that they rely on,” says Anthony Rodriguez, Wild Leap co-founder and CEO. “The purpose of Gratuity Light Beer is to provide support for these hard working people.”

Gratuity is a crisp, cold-conditioned beer featuring simple ingredients like Pilsen malt, traditional Czech Saaz hops and Wild Leap’s house yeast. The use of traditional hops and simple Pilsen malt combine to give this beer its approachable and drinkable properties. Gratuity is the first light beer to come out of the Wild Leap brewhouse and is the first beer available in a 12-pack. The brewery aims to provide consumers with a refreshing, lower ABV craft option which still provides the flavorful profile you’ve come to expect from Wild Leap.

“Gratuity doubles as a way to support the industry while providing people with more accessible, affordable craft beer,” says Chris Elliott, Wild Leap’s Chief Brewing Officer. “With all that’s happening right now, the release of Gratuity is more important than ever.”

Keeping in line with their history of giving back, Wild Leap has preemptively donated $5,000 to nonprofit organization Bottleshare via a GoFundMe campaign they have set up. With the online campaign, the initial goal is to raise $15,000 in donations. Once the beer is released on April 6th, 10% of profits from Gratuity will continue to support service industry organizations year-round.

“Wild Leap could not have come to us during a more crucial time!” says Bottleshare Founder, Christopher Glenn. “Their passion was incredible. There were no stipulations, no fine print, it was simply, ‘Hey, we’ve heard of your mission and we want to help.’ At a time when being selfish is easy but support is so necessary, Wild Leap is stepping up and making an impact.”

Gratuity Light Beer will debut the week of April 6.

If you are someone working in the brewing industry and in need of support, click here to apply through Bottleshare for assistance.