Wild Leap Launches Variety 12-Pack and Alpha Abstraction Vol. 16




Wild Leap launches today its first variety 12-pack and the newest Alpha Abstraction release: Alpha Abstraction Vol. 16 (8% ABV). The variety pack includes 12 oz. cans of three of Wild Leap’s core beers: Local Gold, Chance IPA and ETA IPA. Wild Leap’s Alpha Abstraction Vol. 16 and Variety Pack hit shelves today.

“We’ve been working on a plan for variety packs for some time now. We believe that as familiarity with our core beers has increased, we’ve had a lot more interest from our customers to create a package with more variety,” explains Wild Leap’s Chief Brewing Officer, Chris Elliott. “We also think this will encourage our customers who love one of our core beers to try other beers that we offer.”

Local Gold (5.4% ABV) and Chance IPA (6.2%) were the first two beers ever released from Wild Leap. Local Gold, a light and crisp blonde ale, was created as an ode to Wild Leap’s roots in LaGrange, and Chance IPA, an easy-drinking IPA, represents the brewery’s mantra—to take chances in life. Rounding out the variety pack is ETA IPA (7.5%), a juicy transcontinental IPA with a soft and fluffy mouthfeel.

On top of the new variety pack, Wild Leap is introducing the next volume in the Alpha Abstraction series. Alpha Abstraction Vol. 16 (8% ABV) is a juicy, double dry-hopped IPA brewed with the elusive Hopsteiner EXP 06300 hops to deliver passion fruit and tropical flavors with hints of orange and  creamy caramel.

“There are many experimental hop varieties that come and go every year from hop producers, but unlike the experimental hops we’ve used for the Alpha Series in the past, the Hopsteiner EXP 06300 is on its way out of the market,” says Elliott. “Due to the low yields it produced, the hop producer is no longer allocating acreage for this variety. This is unfortunate because it instantly became one of our favorite hops. It’s full of clean and balanced tropical and caramel notes, so enjoy it while it lasts!”

Alpha Abstraction Vol. 16 (8.0%) and variety packs are available for purchase at the brewery and with select retailers throughout the Southeast this week.