Wild Leap Introduces Talus Hops With Newest Alpha Abstraction


Wild Leap Alpha Abstraction Volume 14


The newest volume in Wild Leap’s signature Alpha Abstraction Double IPA Series is here, featuring new hop on the block, “Talus”. Alpha Abstraction Vol. 14 (8.0%) is a juicy, double dry-hopped IPA delivering notes of pink grapefruit, citrus rind, dried roses, pine, tropical fruits and sage for a smooth mouthfeel. Alpha Abstraction Vol. 14 hits shelves today.

“Talus hops first caught my attention after reading growers’ discussions of “HBC 692”—a new, experimental hop with huge pink grapefruit characteristics,” explains Chris Elliott, Wild Leap’s Chief Brewing Officer. “It sounded like a perfect fit for the Alpha series, but it was difficult to get our hands on adequate quantities before it was officially named. The day it was named Talus, we found it and ordered it immediately.”

Formerly known as HBC 692, Talus hops is gaining recognition for its pink grapefruit characteristics, as well as its complexity, yet versatility in the brewing process. Its citrus, floral and woody aromas present early in the brewing process and remain throughout, lending itself perfectly to the Alpha Abstraction Series.

“Each Alpha release is intended to present a new, exploratory hop profile. We’ve featured over 15 strains of hops since our first Alpha release and as new hops continue to unearth themselves, we’ll always have fun experimenting,” says Wild Leap CMO and Co-Founder, Rob Goldstein.

Alpha Abstraction Vol. 14 (8.0%) is available in 6-packs today for online ordering and curbside pickup at Wild Leap and on shelves throughout Georgia this week!