Wild Leap Introduces LMN ADE Sour Ale To Lineup




Wild Leap is proud to unveil its newest craft beer to join their year-round lineup. LMN ADE Sour Ale (5.5% ABV) features Meyer Lemon, vanilla bean and milk sugar for a beer that tastes remarkably like homemade lemonade. LMN ADE hits shelves today and is available year-round in select markets throughout the Southeast as six packs of 12 oz. cans.

“We’ve been working on a year-round sour for quite some time,” explains Wild Leap’s Chief Brewing Officer, Chris Elliott. “We knew we wanted a sour ale in our core lineup and, after a year of conceptualizing and experimenting, we finally have the perfect addition to our offerings!”

Brewed with Simcoe hops, LMN ADE Sour Ale combines a base sour beer with Meyer Lemon purée for a tart lemon flavor. Added to the mix is a hint of vanilla and milk sugar to give the beer a touch of sweetness, toning down the acidity of the base. The end result is LMN ADE, a not-too-sour ale that tastes like a fresh squeezed lemonade.

“We’re very excited to introduce a sour ale to our year-round lineup,” says Rob Goldstein, Wild Leap CMO and Co-Founder. “Part of our mission with Wild Leap is to present beer drinkers, from the novice to the connoisseur, with approachable styles of craft beer. With the addition of LMN ADE to our core beers, our year-round lineup provides a more inclusive and balanced mix of easy-drinking styles of craft beer.”

Starting today, Wild Leap’s LMN ADE Sour Ale (5.5%) is available for purchase in six packs and crowlers at the brewery and with select retailers throughout the Southeast.