Wild Leap Doubles The Trouble With Back To Back Beer Releases


Alpha 13 and Rocky Road Stout Wild Leap


August is coming in hot as Wild Leap ends July strong with two new beer releases. Available this week, Rocky Road Ice Cream Stout (10.5%) is a thick, sweet and creamy milk stout with cocoa, vanilla bean, almond and marshmallow. On its heels comes the much anticipated announcement for the next release in the popular Alpha Abstraction Double IPA Series. Alpha Vol. 13 (8.0%) is a juicy, double dry-hopped IPA brewed with Sabro hops. Alpha Abstraction Vol. 13 will be available throughout Georgia next week. Rocky Road Ice Cream Stout hits shelves tomorrow.

According to Head Brewer, Chris Elliott, Wild Leap’s stouts have become bigger and more complex since they first started making them. “We’ve definitely found our niche with stouts – dessert and ice cream-inspired stouts really get us excited!” explains Elliott. “We’ve made small batch stouts in the past that have featured cocoa and almond and they were incredibly popular, so we felt it was natural to add marshmallow and make Rocky Road!”

Following the release of Rocky Road Ice Cream Stout, Wild Leap is introducing Alpha Abstraction Vol. 13. Brewed with Sabro hops, Vol. 13’s flavor profile has an unexpected twist. Unlike previous Alpha releases, Alpha Abstraction Vol. 13 boasts a bold coconut flavor with playfully subtle notes of tropical fruits, herbs and pine with a smooth mouthfeel.

“Exploring hop varieties is the reason we created the Alpha Abstraction Series. For every new Alpha, we experiment using a new and different style of hop,” explains Elliott. “From Vol 1. to Vol. 12, the Alpha Abstraction Series has featured 14 unique hop varieties. The introduction of Sabro hops in Vol. 13 will bring us to a total of 15 different hop varieties used throughout the Alpha series!”

Brewed for diets high in decadence and guilty pleasures, Rocky Road Ice Cream Stout hits shelves tomorrow. Announced today, Alpha Abstraction Vol. 13 will be available for purchase next week. These limited releases will be available for purchase for a short time at the brewery and throughout Georgia starting tomorrow!