Wild Leap Brew Co. Takes Another Leap Forward: Brewery Equipment Is Going In


One sure sign that Wild Leap Brew Co. is getting closer to opening day: New equipment is on the way. Custom designed brewery equipment made by BrewFab is arriving and being installed this month.

BrewFab is a full service brewery equipment provider located in St. Petersburg, Florida, known for creating top-of-the-line, high quality, stainless steel pieces that are both functional and eye-catching. Wild Leap Head Brewer Chris Elliott says the team chose them for their attention to detail and craftsmanship. The team also felt it was important to “keep things as local as possible,” as Chris says. All of BrewFab’s systems are manufactured and fabricated in the U.S. from American-made steel.



Photos courtesy of BrewFab

Go Big: A 30-Barrel Capacity System

Deciding which brewery equipment to choose is a big undertaking. Go big or start small and test the waters, so to speak? True to their name, the LaGrange brewhouse is taking a leap and going “pretty big,” as Chris Elliott said. Drawing on their past industry experience, the team chose a 30-barrel-capacity system, which will provide enough capacity to keep a large variety of selections brewing for years to come. BrewFab custom engineered brushed stainless steel tanks comfortably fit the new LaGrange space and take advantage of available height clearance. The brewery equipment will look appealing to guests, an important feature, since the whole operation will be on display. Besides the great-tasting beer it will deliver, the equipment will be a highlight of every brewery tour. The equipment includes a completely customized brewers’ platform featuring a temperature-controlled system of fermenters, hot and cold tanks, chillers and storage tanks.

The Wild Leap team is thoroughly enjoying every step of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to start a brewery. Being a hands-on bunch of guys, they want to do as much of the install as they can. They plan on putting in the chiller system and the walk-in cooler themselves.

Canning System

Wild-Leap-Brew-Co-cansIn addition, Chris is also happy to announce that they will be installing a canning system to begin packaging their craft beer. According to the Brewers Association, a trade group representing craft breweries, the amount of breweries selling their beer in cans has doubled in just three years. Chris says there are many advantages to choosing cans over bottles. Cans cool faster and protect beer from light, giving it more shelf stability. Cans are also more portable. A lot of places prohibit glass, including campgrounds, beaches, marinas and sporting events. It’s also becoming more difficult to recycle glass as many facilities find it too costly to process, so cans are a more eco-friendly choice, too.

Soon after the equipment goes in, the brewery hiring process can begin. Watch for announcements in the very near future for many different positions including production and front of the house staff. Follow the progress on the Wild Leap Facebook page or here on our website.