Wild Leap Announces Tenth Edition In Alpha Abstraction Series




Wild Leap is excited to announce the release of the tenth edition of their wildly popular Alpha Abstraction Double IPA series. The entire Wild Leap team agrees that this is the best of the series so far, and Alpha Abstraction lovers won’t want to miss this delicious volume of one of their favorite beers.

Since the Alpha Abstraction series was created to explore hop varieties and experiment with flavor profiles, brewers saw the tenth volume as an exciting opportunity. “Because it’s the tenth in the series, we wanted to make it special,” explains Chris Elliott, Wild Leap’s Chief Brewing Officer. “We definitely saved some hop ideas that we’ve had for a while.”

Volume Ten features a combo of two hop varieties, Strata and Cashmere. The hops were chosen not just by their strain, but carefully selected right down to the specific lot for qualities the brewers sought. The Cashmere is a citrus flavor that was described by the grower as a “Sunny D aroma” and the Strata strain brings a passion fruit flavor. The team worked to find the perfect blend of citrus notes they love and different tropical fruit notes that weren’t found in previous volumes. They knew when they’d found the perfect balance.

“Everyone at the brewery considers this to be their favorite of the series,” Elliott says. “It has a little bit of everything… it’s a little bit sweet, it’s slightly tart, and not too bitter. It’s a nicely balanced beer.” 

As with all volumes of the series, Alpha Abstraction Volume 10 will only be available for a short time.