Wild Leap Announces New West Coast Inspired IPA

Coast West 2021 Is Here



Wild Leap is introducing the newest edition of the highly anticipated Coast West IPA. Coast West 2021 (10% ABV). This year’s edition is the liquid union of East and West. Wild Leap combined the soft and juicy elements of an East Coast IPA with traditional West Coast yeast and a revamped piney and resinous hop bill. Coast West is now available at retailers and the brewery.

Wild Leap’s Coast West IPA was first released in 2020. “This is our second year brewing Coast West. When we released it last year, the most common comment we heard from our customers was ‘Finally! A Wild Leap West Coast IPA!’, says Chief Brewing Officer, Chris Elliott. 

“Since that release we have had a lot of feedback asking for us to release it again, so we did. This time we changed up the hop bill to make it a little more piney and dank, and we have new artwork on the can as well. We are extremely happy with the final product!”

Coast West (10.0%) is now available for purchase at the brewery and at retailers throughout the Southeast.