Wild Leap Announces First Release In New Double IPA Series, OG: Cascade



Wild Leap is throwing it back with the release of their new double IPA series, OG. The OG Series will feature classic West Coast hop varieties with Cascade hops debuting. OG: Cascade has a spicy citrus profile and will hit the shelves the third week of February.

OG Series is designed to showcase the original hops that played critical roles in the evolution of the American IPA. These West Coast hops tend to have aromatic floral and citrus characteristics.

“We wanted to do an East Coast take on the double IPA while using some of the old school hops that American IPAs were founded on,” explains Chris Elliott, Head Brewer. “These hops were the most popular aroma hops available when the American IPAs really began to take off, and we wanted to explore that while incorporating our own modern style.”

The first in the series will feature Cascade hops, giving this beer a spicy citrus flavor. For a modern twist, the bitterness has been kept low for a double IPA. OG: Cascade will have a more floral note than previous Wild Leap beers, but will still have the juicy haze we have come to love.

For the Alpha Abstraction lovers out there, how will the OG Series compare? Elliott explained that OG: Cascade will be a lighter, dryer double IPA than Alpha Abstraction, but still coming in at 8.1%. This beer will have a juicy haze but will be a little less sweet.

In true Wild Leap style, the OG: Cascade can is designed to prominently feature the Wild Leap buffalo. However, there is an old school twist with an analog television and retro typeface capturing the feel of the days when American IPAs were just beginning.

Similar to Alpha Abstraction, OG: Cascade is brewed with freshness in mind. Each volume will only be around for a short time.