Wild Leap Announces Ninth Edition In Alpha Abstraction Series



Wild Leap is pleased to announce the ninth edition in the Alpha Abstraction series will hit the shelves this October. For Alpha Abstraction lovers, Volume 9 promises to deliver an exciting new variation of the juicy haze we have all come to love!

The Alpha Abstraction Double IPA series was created as an opportunity to explore the plethora of hop varieties and to experiment with flavor profiles they create. Volume 9 continues with this trend by introducing Michigan Chinook hops to the brewing process.

The Chinook hop is a popular hop variety that is traditionally grown on the West Coast. However, several farms have begun to grow a variety in Michigan providing a new, distinct taste.

“The Chinook hop traditionally brings a piney, dank flavor that is about 70% pine and 30% pineapple,” explains Chris Elliott, Wild Leap Head Brewer. “With Michigan Chinook, we are finding that those flavors have almost flipped, and we are getting a much sweeter result with a strong pineapple essence.”

Volume 9 follows in the juicy footsteps of its predecessors as this double dry-hopped IPA is hazy, with the sweetness of pineapple, and paired with a tart grapefruit bite.

“When brewing new volumes in the Alpha series, we are always seeking the new and unknown,” shares Elliott. “When we first learned of these varieties being grown on small farms, it was the perfect fit for Volume 9.”

Keeping with tradition, Alpha Abstraction Volume 9 will only be around for a short time.