Wild Leap Re-Releases Truck Chaser Creamsicle Double IPA



Wild Leap is excited to announce Truck Chaser Creamsicle Double IPA is re-released into production! First brewed early in 2019, Creamsicle Double IPA is back by popular demand and returning to shelves the last week of January 2020.

Brewed with a flavor combination of ripe oranges, vanilla bean and milk sugar, Creamsicle Double IPA is designed to taste like a creamsicle straight from the ice cream truck. With a 93% rating from Beer Connoisseur, Truck Chaser Creamsicle is Wild Leap’s number one ‘most requested to return’ beer of all time.

“Creamsicle Double IPA was our first experiment with ice-cream-inspired beer,” shares Chris Elliott, Wild Leap’s Chief Brewing Officer. It’s something we’ve been planning as a salute to my past in the ice cream industry.”

With a fresh orange aroma that leads into faint vanilla, Truck Chaser Creamsicle is a complex, but refreshing and drinkable beer. The ingredients complement each other well, playing harmonious roles that give Creamsicle its unique flavor.

“We’ve had so much fun creating this beer and fine-tuning the blend of hops and creamy milkshake flavor,” explains Wild Leap co-founder Anthony Rodriguez. “We’re excited it’s back and we can’t wait to share what we’ve got in store for 2020.”

Truck Chaser Creamsicle returns to the market today. It will be available for purchase in the Wild Leap tasting room as well as stores, bars and restaurants throughout Georgia this week!

Like many Wild Leap beers, Creamsicle Double IPA will be available for a limited time.