Wild Leap Brew Co. is proud to announce the release of a heavier and richer new double IPA: ‘Upright.’


“It’s reminiscent of a beer that’s really popular in the Northeast, so we named it Upright,” said head brewer Chris Elliott. “If you were pointing to that area on a map and indicating its proximity from LaGrange, it would be up and to the right.”

Chris describes the new creation as stronger, with a blend of tropical and stone fruit flavors. “It’s amazingly aromatic,” he added. “We heavily dry hop it late in the brewing process, so it has a cloudy haze and a chewier mouthfeel,” he explained. Upright is 8.0 ABV, 5.9 SRM and 45 IBUs.

For craft beer connoisseurs, double IPAs are some of the most sought-after varieties. Also known as Imperial IPAs, the name comes from the very general understanding that it’s crafted with double the hops and double the ABV of the standard India Pale Ale.

Chris thinks the new flavor is a nice contrast to their easy-drinking core brands, Local Gold blonde ale and Chance IPA. Upright will be available on tap at fine establishments as far south as Columbus, as far west as Opelika, Alabama; and as far north as Blue Ridge, Georgia.

There’s always something brewing at Wild Leap. Chris says the team is constantly pushing the envelope and expanding its portfolio, and you can look for more new beers coming soon.