Wild Leap Debuts Alpha Abstraction Vol. 2, Expands Brewhouse and Territories



Since opening 11 months ago, Wild Leap Brew Co. has burst onto the scene with a diverse lineup of handcrafted beers. An independent brewery located 60 miles south of Atlanta in LaGrange, Georgia, Wild Leap focuses on brewing top-shelf craft beer while exploring new brewing techniques, ingredients and unique flavors.

This summer Wild Leap has released three exciting selections in the Atlanta market. Alpha Abstraction Volume 1, the first of an experimental Double IPA series, hit the shelves in June and quickly became one of Georgia’s top rated beers. With a one-two punch of Loral and Citra hops, Volume 1’s tropical and stone fruit flavors made it popular with craft beer connoisseurs and newcomers alike.

Next, Wild Leap debuted the thirst-quenching Sunvale Blueberry Lemon, a light and fruity ale that’s perfect for warm summer days. This is the second beer in the Sunvale series, a collection designed to complement the flavors of fruit.

Just last week, the vivid and juicy Alpha Abstraction Volume 2 hit the shelves across Georgia. Double dry-hopped with Galaxy and Citra hops, Volume 2’s psychedelic can design matches the beer’s groovy and vibrant taste.

Coinciding with the brewery’s further expansion into Georgia with the Athens, Gainesville, and Augusta markets, Wild Leap is adding a special twist by unveiling new packaging. Wild Leap’s core offerings, Local Gold Blonde Ale and Chance IPA, will be sporting new can artwork featuring what has become a signature brand element of the brewery, a lone buffalo.

Wild Leap has also expanded their brewing capacity and staff. In July, Wild Leap added an additional 90-barrel fermentation tank bringing annual brewing capacity to 8,000 barrels. In addition, they have added new members to the brew team, most recently hiring brewer Doug Saylor to work alongside head brewer Chris Elliott.

“We are thrilled and humbled with the demand we have seen for Wild Leap throughout Georgia,” said Anthony Rodriguez, co-founder and CEO of Wild Leap. “We built this brewery to make great beer and share it with others and this growth has exceeded our expectations.”

As Wild Leap approaches their first anniversary, there’s no sign of slowing down with future beer releases planned out into 2019 and beyond.