Wild Leap Launches Experimental Double IPA Series: Alpha Abstraction



A new, limited edition series of flavorful double IPAs is being introduced to the craft beer market. Wild Leap Brew Co. is proud to announce an experimental series called Alpha Abstraction. Chris Elliott, Wild Leap’s head brewer, calls the series a “fun way to experiment with new styles of hops and try some juicy IPAs.”

The term double IPA refers to double dry hopping, one of the latest innovations in pale ales. Hops are the ingredient that gives craft beer its flavor, from citrusy to zesty to bitter. Double dry hopping supercharges that flavor and aroma. The “alpha” in the Alpha Abstraction name refers to the alpha acids in hops. Playing with the alpha acid content is what gives a beer it’s wonderful aromas and level of bitterness. Most dry hopping is done with hop varieties that have either low or high alpha acids to balance the malty sweetness.

With this series, Chris adds hops early in the process for bitterness and then again during the last minutes of the boil to extract more alpha acids. As more and different hops are added, the flavors and aromas start to pop for some vibrant taste sensations.

Volume One will be released in June. The juiciness will really be apparent as it features a combination of Loral™ and Citra hops. Loral gets its name from lemon and floral together. It also has a unique mix of herbal and peppery notes in addition to the citrus hops. Citra is a new flavoring/aroma hop discovery with a lot of delicate fruity characteristics, including lime, grapefruit, mango and bright orange. It’s also high in alpha acids.

It’ll be easy to spot Alpha Abstraction at your favorite local store for beverages. The colorful new cans act as a visual cue that something new is brewing within. Aside from the acclaimed Sir Mix-A-Lot quote, the creative abstract art design is a nod to the new, experimental style. “Abstract has a double meaning,” Chris explained. “Like a medical abstract, this is the flavorful summary of our findings on a particular alpha and hop blend; and also abstract art, because double dry hopping is an art form in itself.”

One thing to note: Each volume will only be around for a short time, so don’t wait. This ensures the flavor and aroma of the hops is at its peak. As Chris explained, Alpha Abstraction was brewed with freshness in mind so the faster it gets from the brewery to your taste buds, the better.