Wild Leap Brew Co. Announces Highly Anticipated 2nd Volume of Alpha Abstraction Double IPA



Wild Leap Brew Co. is proud to introduce Volume 2 of its new, limited edition series of juicy double IPAs known as Alpha Abstraction (8% ABV).

The first volume ranks as Wild Leap’s fastest selling beer in their history, and is currently ranked as one of Georgia’s top rated beers in the state. With the love the first volume received, the Wild Leap team can’t wait for fans to try Volume 2. The new Alpha Abstraction is a blend of Citra and Galaxy hops loaded with refreshing, tropical fruit flavors.

What flavor sensations can craft beer lovers expect? Citra brings a lot of delicate, fruity characteristics, including lime, grapefruit, mango and bright orange. Versatile Galaxy is known for its distinct passionfruit, pineapple and citrus aromas.

To create Alpha Abstraction, head brewer Chris Elliott adds hops early in the process for bitterness and then again during the last minutes of the boil to extract more alpha acids and achieve a vibrant taste sensation.

The “alpha” in the Alpha Abstraction name refers to the alpha acids in hops. Playing with the alpha acid content is what gives a beer it’s wonderful aromas and level of bitterness. And double dry hopping is an art form, if somewhat of an abstract one.

Volume 2 of Alpha Abstraction will be released the week of July 30th, and will be available in six packs and on draft in restaurants and bars. Alpha Abstraction was brewed with freshness in mind so the faster it goes from brewery to tastebuds, the better. Check out our Beer Finder on the Wild Leap website to find Alpha Abstraction near you.