Double Debut From Wild Leap: Alpha Abstraction Vol. 3 and Rollin’ Deep Cinnamon Roll Stout



Wild Leap Brew Co. just celebrated their first birthday this September and to mark the occasion the brewery proudly announces the debut of two new beers. Alpha Abstraction Volume 3, the third edition of the popular Double IPA series, and Rollin’ Deep, a delectable Cinnamon Roll Stout. These beers will join the Wild Leap lineup during the second week of October.

Alpha Abstraction Volume 3 is the first in this Double IPA series to feature Mosaic hops. “Mosaic hops provide a nice mix or fresh mango, citrus, and very complex tropical aromas. The beer has a different flavor profile from anything we have brewed before,” shared Chris Elliott, head brewer of Wild Leap. “But like the other Volumes in the Alpha series, it is a big, juicy, balanced Double IPA for connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.”

Alongside the fresh hop profiles of Alpha Abstraction, Rollin’ Deep is a decadent Cinnamon Roll Stout that’s perfect for cooler autumn days. Brewed with rich caramel and chocolate malts and cinnamon, it has that straight-from-the-food-court, sticky bun flavor. Rollin’ Deep is Wild Leap’s first canned stout, complementing the ever-growing variety of Wild Leap craft beer selections.

“With fall approaching, we wanted a beer that was perfect for football games and bonfires,” said co-founder and CEO Anthony Rodriguez. “We’ve always served a variety of stouts in our tap room, but this one was way too good to keep to ourselves.”

Alpha Abstraction Volume 3 and Rollin’ Deep share some similarities — both are available for a short period of time around Georgia in grocery stores, restaurants, bars and growler shops. Also, both selections share a funky-fresh can design that has become synonymous with Wild Leap beer releases — Volume 3 and its vivid, pop-art inspiration and Rollin’ Deep with its eye-catching turquoise, white and brown artwork.