Wild Leap Announces Release Of Vanilla Ice Cream Stout – Their Sixth New Beer This Summer



Wild Leap is rounding out a full summer with the release of Vanilla Ice Cream Stout. Available the last week of August, Vanilla Ice Cream Stout is available in four-packs and in the Wild Leap taproom.

Stout-style beers have a reputation of being enjoyed in the cooler months, but like most things, Wild Leap bucks the trend combining an all-American summer classic, homemade vanilla ice cream, with a rich and creamy beer.

“This is the biggest stout we have ever released,” shares Anthony Rodriguez, CEO and Wild Leap Co-Founder. “It’s a truly sweet, rich and creamy flavor profile, and it is the heaviest bodied beer we have produced.”

Brewed with vanilla bean and caramel malt, Vanilla Ice Cream Stout is the sweetest Wild Leap beer to-date and is truly an indulgence. Just like the tongue-in-cheek quote on the can artwork divulges, Vanilla Ice Cream Stout is designed for diets “high in decadence.”

This beer is of special importance to Wild Leap Head Brewer Chris Elliott, as it represents a perfect blend of his past and present careers. Prior to brewing for Wild Leap, Elliott worked for Blue Bell Ice Cream.

“For years, I have wanted to brew a beer centered around ice cream,” explains Elliott. “I wanted a beer that was influenced by my experience in the ice cream industry.”

Like all guilty pleasures, you can only indulge so much. Vanilla Ice Cream Stout is a very limited release and will not be around for long!