Wild Leap Debuts American Cherry, A Limited Release Cherry Pie Ale



The Wild Leap team has been busy this fall and are releasing yet another new beer – American Cherry, a cherry pie ale. This beer will be an extremely limited release and is just in time for those crisp, fall afternoons. It has been a productive fall for Wild Leap, as they recently released Alpha Abstraction Volume 3, Rollin’ Deep Cinnamon Roll Stout, and the first installment of the ‘79 Series.

“We wanted a fuller-bodied fruited ale suited for the weather change,” said Head Brewer, Chris Elliott. “Since we recently debuted a stout and an IPA, this was a great way to enhance our current lineup.” Rollin’ Deep was the first canned stout for Wild Leap, and Alpha Abstraction Vol. 3 is the third Volume of their Double IPA series. Both released in early October.

American Cherry is a cherry pie-inspired ale, and is made with fermented sweet and tart cherries and cinnamon. This beer is designed to taste like a slice of homemade pie. It is is slightly tart, has a well balanced malt profile and a mild bitterness. It is the perfect choice for the cool fall nights.

While Wild Leap has gained notoriety with Double IPA releases such as the Alpha Abstraction series, they are enjoying the fun and creativity of these small batch releases, first with with Rollin’ Deep and now American Cherry.

“Homemade cherry pie is an American classic, so we decided to give it some prominence in the craft beer world,” shared Elliott. “The complex malt bill mimics pie crust flavors and the combination of Tart Cherries and Sweet Dark Cherries tastes great with cinnamon. These flavors really work together.” While these beers are innovative for the season, they will only be available for a very limited time.

Stay tuned for other crushable seasonals to come from Wild Leap.