Wild Leap Releases Alpha Abstraction Double IPA Vol. 6




Wild Leap Brew Co. is proud to announce the sixth edition of Alpha Abstraction Double IPA series will be available across Georgia the third week of March. With the same juicy haze we have all come to love, Volume 6 will follow in the footsteps of its five predecessors.

The Alpha Abstraction Double IPA series began as an idea to explore experimental hops and a chance to think creatively about new flavor profiles. Volume 6 follows that mission with the introduction of potentially the most abstract hop yet, the Lotus hop.

Lotus hops are experimental in nature. They have been crossbred across several different hop varieties and until recently went under the name Experimental Hop #06297. This past February this experimental strand was dubbed ‘Lotus,’ symbolizing the rebirth and celebration of a hops harvest.

“This hop is incredibly unique and fresh,” explained Head Brewer Chris Elliott. “When we first received the shipment, the bag still had #06297 as the name!”

Fruity in nature, Lotus hops provide a warm, tropical combination of orange, vanilla and berry. “We first discovered these when we were looking for a perfect addition to Truck Chaser, but decided to save them for the Alpha 6 series,” said Elliott. “It turned out to be exactly what they said it would be – carrying strong notes of vanilla with an almost tropical punch flavor.”

For Wild Leap and craft beer enthusiasts, the release of another edition of one of the brewery’s staple series’ brings about anticipation and interest. Unlocking the differences in flavor profiles between the various Alpha volumes is one of the unique elements that brings beer connoisseurs back for more.