Alpha Abstraction Vol. 17 Is Here, Brewed With Citiva Hops



Wild Leap is introducing the newest addition to the Alpha Abstraction Double IPA Series. Alpha Abstraction Vol. 17 (8% ABV) is a juicy, double dry-hopped IPA with Citiva hops to deliver notes of peach, floral, mango and lime. Alpha Abstraction Vol. 17 is now available at retailers and the brewery.

Wild Leap’s Alpha Abstraction Double IPA Series features a variety of hops and exhibits a different hop profile in each volume. In 2020, Wild Leap ended the year with the release of Alpha Abstraction Vol. 15, which featured El Dorado and Idaho 7 hops. The release of Vol. 17 brings the second edition of Alpha Abstraction to be distributed this year.

“This Alpha is the beginning of our collaboration with BSG’s (Brewers Supply Group) hop program,” says Chief Brewing Officer, Chris Elliott. “This version features Citiva; a new hop blend with tropical and Juicy characteristics designed to be a hop with consistent results year after year, regardless of the characteristics of the hops in the blend.”

“This edition of Alpha Abstraction has incredibly smooth, floral notes of peach and mango. We are also using experimental hops from this program in other beers, such as our Side Bae series.”

Alpha Abstraction Vol. 17 (8.0%) is now available for purchase at the brewery and at retailers throughout the Southeast.